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FCC Environmental Facility in Dallas

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Discover our brand new, state-of-the-art educational center designed to train and educate people of all ages on the importance of sustainability and recycling. Described by experts as one of the country’s most modern and efficient facilities, our center welcomes everyone to come and learn how to be smart, sustainable, and socially responsible.

FCC Environmental Recycling Management

Knowledge is power.

It’s pretty incredible that so many of the things in our environment exist by simply changing the way we throw away waste. That’s why we don’t just tell kids and teens why they should recycle; we actually show them how. The FCC recycling tour is a fun, interactive, and informative educational tool for all ages that shows how to recycle right, a crucial step to becoming responsible citizens and making our earth a better place to live.

Since 1900, FCC has led the world in innovating waste management to help make communities efficient. Now our mission is to show future generations how to see their world differently by witnessing the recycling process first-hand. Together, we can begin to show all people that the things they use and enjoy every day are possible because of recycling.

FCC Environmental Education

Inspire futuregenerations.

A group trip to FCC will motivate attendees to adopt habits that help make a difference in our communities and, of course, our planet. When you’re done, you’ll be able to see things in your environment much differently. The result? An entire generation moved to spread the word about why you should reduce, reuse, and always recycle.

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FCC CEO Iñigo Sanz and Director of Municipal Services Tony Emilio speaking with Mayor Rawlings at the MRF grand opening.

I am so proud we have the best recycling program in the country now.Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas

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If your school, group, or organization is within the City of Dallas, City of University Park, City of Mesquite, or City of Garland, you can schedule a tour by submitting a request below.

If your school, group, or organization is not within one of the cities listed, please reach out to your local municipality representative to see if there are ways for your community or city to partner with FCC.